Civilian Operations is the side of the roleplay experience that isn't only the first-responder aspect. In Civilian Operations, you have the freedom to essentially be whatever your mind can think of. From living a huge life of crime to being a simple everyday law-abiding citizen, Civilian Operations gives you the freedom to do that.



  • Civilian Division Documentation

    Standard Operating Procedure

    Vehicle / Weapon Structures

    Recruitment Application Status: OPEN

    Transfer/Reserve Status: OPEN

  • Civilian Division Rank Structure 


    Director - Kyle R.

    Deputy Director - Vacant

    Assistant Director - Vacant


    Civilian Manager

    Civilian Supervisor

    Civilian Advisor


    Senior Civilian

    Civilian III

    Civilian II

    Civilian I

    Probationary Civilian

About us

Skyline Roleplay was established solely based off of one question... How much fun would it be if your roleplay community was drama free instead of feeling like a second job? Our community coordinators rallied to this question, using their expansive people skills, life experiences, and other authentic community experiences to come up with something that we are proud to share with you.

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